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TOPIC atoz
Finance, Public 4
Elections 3
Electric utilities 3
Municipal finance 3
Ontario Hydro 3
Police 3
Public welfare 3
Blind 2
Charities 2
Land grants 2
Police corruption 2
Reformatories 2
Temperance 2
20 Belleville (Ont.) 1
Alcoholic beverage industry 1
Ballot 1
Canada. Dept. of Public Works 1
Cobourg (Ont.) 1
College discipline 1
Compagnies de chemin de fer 1
Correctional institutions 1
Dams 1
Disaster relief 1
Don Jail (Toronto, Ont.) 1
East Windsor Health Association 1
Education, Higher 1
Education, Secondary 1
Electrical Development Company of Ontario 1
Escapes 1
Food relief 1
Forest fires 1
Fruit 1
Gambling 1
Gold mines and mining 1
Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada 1
Health care 1
Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines Limited 1
Hospitals 1
Hotelkeepers 1
Hydroelectric power plants 1
Jails 1
Langstaff Jail Farm 1
Liquor Control Board of Ontario 1
Markham (Ont.) 1
McCaughrin, Daniel 1
Mentally ill 1
Misconduct in office 1
Niagara Parks Commission (Ont.) 1
Ontario 1
Ontario Agricultural College 1
Ontario Athletic Commission 1
Ontario Provincial Police 1
Ontario School for the Blind (Brantford) 1
Ontario. Legislative Assembly 1
Oshawa (Ont.) 1
Ottawa Collegiate Institute 1
Parks 1
Parliament Buildings (Ottawa, Ont.) 1
Police administration 1
Police magistrates 1
Political corruption 1
Political ethics 1
Postal service 1
Psychiatric hospital care 1
Psychiatric hospitals 1
Public buildings 1
Public contracts 1
Railroad companies 1
Railway mail service 1
San Jose scale 1
School buildings 1
Science 1
Sightseeing business 1
Smuggling 1
Sports 1
State farms 1
Toronto (Ont.). Police Force 1
Toronto Board of Education 1
Toronto, Ont. University 1
Tourist trade 1
Trade-unions 1
Unemployment 1
University of Toronto 1
Victoria Industrial School for Boys 1
Voting 1
Whelihan, Charles Edward 1
Whiskey 1
Women's Farm, Concord 1
ontario. hydro-electric inquiry commission 2
canada. commission appointed to inquire into matters connected with the public buildings at ottawa 1
canada. commission appointed to inquire into the affairs of the grand trunk railway 1
canada. financial and departmental commission 1
canada. railway postal service commissioners 1
commission on the discipline and other matters of the university of toronto (ont.) 1
hodgins, frank egerton, 1854-1932 1
hollinger consolidated gold mines limited 1
meredith, william ralph 1
northern ontario fire relief committee 1
ontario. commission of enquiry concerning the operation of the san jose scale act 1
ontario. commission of inquiry into certain misconduct at the agricultural college, guelph 1
ontario. commission of inquiry re waterworks regulations and the electrical development company of ontario ltd 1
ontario. commission re investigation of the magistrate and police of welland 1
ontario. commission to enquire into certain irregularaties in connection with voting on a certain by-law of the town of welland 1
ontario. commission to enquire into the financial affairs of the corporation of the town of belleville 1
ontario. commission to inquire into charges against william patterson, the chairman of the license board of centre huron 1
ontario. commission to inquire into financial affairs of the township of markham 1
ontario. commission to inquire into the seizure of a railway car of whiskey at chatham 1
ontario. commission to inquire into the truth or falsity of certain charges made against david hastings, police magistrate at dunnville 1
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